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3 Ways to Make Your Digital Life Even Easier

Comtech Digital - September 1, 2018 - 0 comments

Everyone has some sort of online presence nowadays. It can be as simple as a social media profile or as complicated as a global eCommerce business. No matter what you do online, it’s necessary that you know more about digital marketing. Review at least three ways that you can increase the ease of working digitally.

1. Have a Professional Make Your Website

Creating a website on your own is an option. You may start out by not having any knowledge of HTML or graphic design. If you do the work yourself, you usually have to stick with the most basic templates and unwanted ads on your web pages. As the business grows, you may run out of Web space and need to make major upgrades. From the beginning, it’s ideal to hire a professional to handle the matter.

Promoting your website is as equally important as developing its design. A good Web designer knows about more than templates and fonts. This professional should have experience in digital marketing, which includes search engine optimization and page ranking.

2. Use an Elastic Search for Your Data

Everyone knows about Google and Yahoo search engines. There is also Elasticsearch that helps you to perform the most complex searches on the Web. Use Elasticsearch to boost search capabilities or for data analytics purposes. Filter specific information and sort out the results of your searches. Learn more about the types of people who visit your website and the keywords that they use. Analyzing the data that you obtain from this search engine is helpful for your marketing campaigns.

3. Automate Your Email and Direct Mail Marketing

Both types of marketing are easier to do using software and have a great return on investment. Create one message and send it to many buyers or subscribers at the same time over a variety of channels. However, you could spend hours copying and pasting information into separate emails, and the final product probably won’t look very engaging. To make things easier, use automation tools.

Start by auto-generating lists of your email and direct mail marketing contacts. Sort through the contacts by their ages, names, interests, etc. An introductory email should be sent automatically after someone signs up on your list. Use another automation tool to send this introductory email automatically without making you do the work manually. 

You may not be able to send an introductory letter or postcard after someone signs up for direct mail, but optimize your direct mail strategy to make sure that they get added to your list so they can start receiving mail from you while you are relatively fresh on their mind. If your first ad or coupon gets mailed out a year after they visited you, your hard work will likely go in the trash with the other junk mail.


Having an online presence is no longer an option — it’s a requirement. Creating an online account is simple, but advancing to create an entire website is a more multilayered task. There are plenty of digital marketing tips and techniques that make navigating the Web easier.


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