What is PSA?

Professional Service Automation (PSA) is a tool that has been developed to help different organizations focus on what is essential to the business. This ensures that the entity does not spend much energy on some factors that are not important to the development of the entity as a whole and that no resources are used for other purposes other than the primary goals of pushing the business to the next level. PSA can be adopted into digital marketing whereby it can be used to offer an integrated solution to some of the critical issues facing digital marketing. There are several PSA solutions to productivity issues such as business intelligence, time tracking, project management and financial forecasting.

What Role Does PSA Play in Business and Digital Marketing Strategy?

  • Managing Your Resources Wisely: A business that is engaged in formulating and implementing digital marketing strategies is likely to be using its resources without following the due procedures. PSA software helps a firm to monitor how funds are used and where the gaps exist. Moreover, you can compare the resources you have been spending and the revenue you have been generating so that you can remain in a safer zone and avoid losses.
  • Increase Business Win Rates: As a business engaged in getting deals from various customers, you want to offer quality services so that you can get the same deals in the next period. PSA software analyzes all the business opportunities available for you and selects the one that matches your skills. This means that you will only undertake something that you are familiar with hence offering quality services such that you will be considered if an opportunity arises in the future.
  • Making Real-Time Decisions: Making critical decisions when it matters most is one of the essential factors that organizations can achieve by incorporating Professional Service Automation (PSA). Digital marketing requires you to be prompt and seamless in decision making as lateness, and other delays could lead you to massive losses. PSA will replace the worn-out spreadsheet papers that are circulated to the marketing department for decision making. You will now be making decisions based on live data that shows you the trends which will keep you ahead of the pack.


Professional Service Automation (PSA) is a vital software tool that can revive the digital marketing department in your business due to its accurate and prompt analysis of the market. It also plays a fundamental role in controlling cost in projects while at the same time ensuring that you can streamline the project lifecycle.

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