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Why Having Updated Design is Central to Improving User Experience on Your Website

Comtech Digital - October 17, 2018 - 0 comments

Companies who want to improve the user experience of visitors to their website need an updated design. After all, you have less than six seconds to impress a customer on a desktop and less than one second to impress a customer on a mobile device before they head to your competitor. Therefore, if you are going to stay in business you must provide the best user experience (UX) possible. Here are some reasons to continually strive to provide the best UX experience to your customers.

The Trend Toward UX Experience

The trend towards a UX experience began in the early 2000s, but it is growing stronger than ever before. That is because the trend toward UX design depends on giving users the information that they need in ways that are attractive to them and at the right time. Therefore, with great UX, customers are more satisfied with their experience and will easily help you meet the goals of your website.

Allow Customers to Find Your Products

In a study conducted in 2005, people were asked to buy a product online using money given to them. Yet, only 30 percent of customers were able to complete the purchase. It would probably be even lower if they were spending their own money. When people reached the site, they were unable to find the product that they wanted to purchase or felt that they were not given enough data about the item to make sure that they were buying the right one. UX web designs can help solve those problems by providing users with the right information in an easy-to-digest format at each point in the sale’s funnel.

UX Designs are Less Expensive to Install

The more bells and whistles you put on a website, the more it costs to initially set it up. It also opens the door for more things to go wrong later. Sticking with a simple design helps you get a new website up and running quickly with a minimal amount of hassle. Furthermore, there are fewer hiccups that can go wrong when shoppers are using the site, so broken coding seldom sends a user away disappointed.

UX Designs Load Quickly

When you eliminate most of the extras, then your site loads faster. The result is that more people are going to let your site load as opposed to getting a loading screen that just won’t go away. This is especially important as more users are doing searches using their mobile devices. It may help your site rank higher in organic search results as Google pushes mobile-first designs that connect with real people.

UX Designs Help Build Your Reputation

When customers can find what they need each time that they go to your website, and do not experience any problems using it, then they are more likely to return. Numerous studies show that customers who are pleased with their shopping experience are more likely to return, they are also more likely to spend more each time that they visit. The great news is that they are also more willing to tell their friends about their great experience. Over 90 percent of people trust online reviews as much as if a friend was recommending a company to them. That is word-of-mouth advertising that no amount of money can buy.

UX Designs Consider User Intent

Very few people are willing to follow link after link to finally discover that they cannot find the information that they are seeking on your website. When you consider the user experience first, then you let them connect with the information that they need immediately. Therefore, they are more apt to enter the sale’s funnel resulting in more revenue for your company. UX designs connect with people in several different ways including identifying the customer’s pain points, using colors to make an emotional connection, using few links in the buying process, and employing a clear navigation menu. At the same time, these websites are easier to change so that you can do A/B testing and go with the one delivering the best results. They are also extremely easy to update, so you can get information to your customers quickly. Making your website easy to find and easy to use greatly improves positive association for your business and brand. If your website is categorized correctly in search engines, has good reviews, and people are referring their friends and others to your website, that will greatly improve your ability to sell more and do more.

Considering the UX experience when designing a website is crucial to the success of your company. When users are satisfied with your company, they become your strongest advocates, buy more and return repeatedly. Get the most out of your website by giving customers what they want in ways that they can understand today and watch your revenue increase substantially.


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